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Community Solar Help Center
  • How will I pay my electric utility bill and Community Solar bill?

    You will get two bills: one from your utility company, and one from CleanChoice Energy.

    Your Utility Bill:
    You will continue to pay your electric utility bill as you do now. Your utility bill will display your community solar bill credits, and your total amount due will be reduced by the value of the community solar bill credits generated during each billing cycle.

    Your Community Solar Bill:
    We will separately invoice you for your community solar subscription and offer convenient electronic payment.

    You save the difference
    Over time, the difference between your generated solar credits and your electric bill will usually result in savings. Actual savings will depend on the actual production of the solar farm and the value of your bill credits over time as compared to the applicable utility rates established by your Public Utility Commission (PUC) and the specific terms of your subscription agreement.(See: will I save money?)

    How to pay your Community Solar bill:

    You can either send a check in the mail (please mail to the address on your bill) or you can pay or manage your payment method online by creating or logging into your community solar account

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  • How will I know that I received credit for the power produced?

    Your utility bill will display your community solar credits.

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