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Community Solar Help Center
  • Is there a solar farm available in my area? How do I join?

    We have a number of community solar projects and are always working to add more.  Find out if you are eligible to join one of our farms here. If we do not yet have a farm in your area, we’ll reach out to you when one becomes available.

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  • How close do I need to live to the Community Solar farm?

    To be eligible for membership in a community solar farm, you must live within the same service area as the location of the farm. Other conditions might also apply based on the specific rules in your state. Want to see if you’re eligible for subscription to one of our farms? Please call us at 1-800-581-0702 or click here.

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  • Do I need to install anything at my house or perform any maintenance?

    No. Nothing will be installed at your house, and the project owner maintains the system. There is no home improvement project required to join a community solar farm, nothing gets installed on your roof, and it doesn’t matter whether you own or rent.

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